12 Dec 2006

Bikini December

It appears from its website that the Great Islamophobic Bikini March is not to go ahead. Three cheers. Unlike the death of Pinochet, this is a victory for us.* I wish to twist the knife by pointing out the absurd non sequiturs of their revanchist concession of defeat.

The scum claim firstly that they were "forced" to cancel the march by journalism. The mechanism of 'forcing' here is far from apparent. I have no idea how it 'forced' anything. It made clear that moderate(ly intelligent) members of the community (rightly) saw the marchers as crypto-fascists at worst, and irresponsible at best. This did not "force" the march to stop.

The scum then claim that free speech is not tolerated in Australia, which is particularly absurd, in that their invective is targeted precisely at the free speech of their critics. No-one attempted to silence the pitiful speech of the bikiniists; rather they claim that the free speech of their opponents constitutes an insupportable violence that must be constrained.

They claim that the media falsely claimed that the Great (sic) Australian (sic) Bikini March was partly to be held in Lakemba. This blog also reported this claim. Given however that the purported target of the march was a Lakemba-based preacher, one should be forgiven for making such a claim, and not realising the awesome irrelevant stupidity of people who wanted to protest a Sydneysider's remarks by marching on a mosque in suburban Melbourne. If anything, the media was too generous in its assumption.

* Pinochet's death is a defeat for the left insofar as it shows our inability to do to an enemy what he did to thousands of us; he was rather allowed to die free and unpunished.