30 July 2011

NSW: far right get their foot in the door of public policy

It's an obvious piece of commentary, but I think still bears noting, that the victory of the Coalition in NSW, and their ability to rule with support from the Shooters and Christians in the Upper House means that the far right have a serious influence now in NSW. OF course, their influence is marginal, and mainly confined to ramping up shooting in national parks and prayer in schools. The exacerbates though what is genuinely awful situation of having the Coalition in government – given that Labour is really already clearly on the right of the political spectrum by any reasonable measure, we're dealing with a radical right-wing government already.

This is dissimilar to the situation federally inasmuch as the need for support from independents federally for Labour to rule means that Labour is not simply dragged to the left by the Greens – more's the pity.