29 Sep. 2006

Australia is based on expropriating and making money out of farming, blowing up, mining and building ugly houses on places sacred to other peoples. But in the process, Australia has generated its own sacred places. A few of these are overseas, places like Anzac Cove . . . and Kokoda, which is in Papua New Guinea, decolonised by Australia 31 years ago. Despite this fact, which one might think made this no-one's fucking business by the Papuans', John Howard has stuck his oar in claiming that, while PNG may be an independent country, he can categorically make statements about what will happen there.

Paraphrase of PNG's response: "We would never do anything to enrage our heavily-armed imperialist overlords."

Paraphrase of ALP's response: "Anyone would think we're a bunch of fairies the way Howard kowtows to these darkies."