28 Sep. 2006

I have still to tidy up and post my thoughts on the Steve-Irwin-death phenomenon, but last night I was appalled when I channel-surfed into the interview with his widow.

The Channel 9 interviewer was putting this extraordinary question to her: "They say that behind every strong man is a strong woman. Can this you remain strong without your strong man?"

Unbelievable. He starts by citing a platitude which in fact runs completely contrary to his line of inquiry, viz. are you, Terri Irwin, going to go nuts? Because, yeah, strong women, whatever, but ultimately if you haven't got a bloke around, and frankly part of Irwin's charm was that he behaved more or less like a nine-year-old, you're in the shit.

The widow Irwin replied straightforwardly, in the only way one could, by saying "I have no choice but to carry on!" Damn straight. If she does manage to deal with this loss, and I certainly think she is more than capable, it will be no thanks to this moronic prat. Where are all the journalists who tore into Germaine Greer about her insensitivity about this suit's utter cluelessness?