13 Sep. 2006

In Afghanistan, Australian troops kill 150 natives and suffer no fatalities.

In the Solomons, the Australian proconsul 'high comissioner' is expelled; Alexander Downer makes ominous noises about corruption.

What the hell kind of 'battle' achieves a 150:0 kill ratio? Sounds like a massacre to me. I'm sure they'd have us believe that the fuzzy-wuzzies charged the Australian troops brandishing scimitars screaming wildly, believing that magic would protect them while the Aussies mowed them down in self-defence. Alternatively, the figures are just made up.

And can't you see that exercising national sovereignty is the pure inverse of corruption? If there is so much corruption, it should be a doddle for Australia, and a fortiori Australian mining interests, to get the country to do their bidding?